The Indianapolis area is full of skateboarders that have backyard dreams, and we have been happy to help them with their DIY project like the pictured Broad Rip Hole. Any skater interested in building a spot should feel free to call us for advice or help when the truck is ready to pour. Most recently we built a bowl at the home of a skate couple that were instrumental in the design and build process. We took their general ideas and refined it into a successful 1000 sq. ft. bowl. It features a standard mini ramp in the center with steel coping. Blending from the mini on one side- is the steep bank wall and on the other end of the bowl are the two corner pockets.  One pocket is taller with tighter transitions and the other has an elevated flat bottom, giving the tractor seat feeling with the elevation changes. This entire round wall section has stamped tile band under the hand molded bullnose coping. The flat site conditions with poor drainage dictated the bowl be built above ground. “Fill free” method was applied, as we used no imported material to build up, and instead artfully cantilevered the entire bowl with piers every four feet along the backside.

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