Design: 2018

Build : TBD by City of Ruston

Ruston skaters have gone beyond the typical advocate activities and have presented us with a fully rendered design that represents all the elements they want to see in their new skatepark. We created a new design inspired by their ideas that includes lines for all types of riders.

Advocate Renderings:

The site is a closed public swimming pool that was a WPA project. We were floored when the Parks Director said that the pool walls are 4-7 feet thick of concrete. We have no news on when this will be built, and will update the page as soon as we receive an update.



  1. Dan Mabry says:

    What happened to this? Is this still something that is in the works?

  2. Damon Smith says:

    Skating is all I can really do as far as outdoors activities, due to the fact that it’s relatively inexpensive compared to other sports, and still allows social distancing during Covid-19 quarantine procedures. I currently attend Louisiana Tech University, and only have empty parking lots to skate, and something like this would be fantastic for myself and many others who love to skate. I’m not asking for immediate construction as the country as a whole is going through a lot, but an update on the status of this project would be awesome to see.

  3. Brooke Cassady says:

    Check out the current progress on IG @skateparkofruston. Pretty great things happening!

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