Upland Brewery is a popular destination in central and southern Indiana, and is known for its specialty craft beers like Bad Elmers Porter and Hunger Skateparks favorite- Dragonfly IPA.The Bloomington location has employed a high number of skaters throughout the years. These skater employees advocated for a rest and recreation area for breaks and after hours employee socializing. The design included steps up to a patio area for tables and shade, two planters for growing culinary herbs, and a bi-level quarter pipe with a stamped tile band and hand molded, bullnose coping for break time fun. The planter boxes, at separate elevations, double as support walls to hold up the skate elements running along the back edge. It was very satisfying to design/build a project that incorporates a skate feature into a multi-use space in a commercial setting.  ‘The other midwest’ at Upland Brewery holds up to its tagline with this employee break area and skate dot.

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