Ryan Crane

Ryan Crane has been skating parks of all styles and materials for over 20 years, giving him a unique perspective on what works and what doesn’t inside a skate park.  Bringing that experience along with his design talents to Hunger provides an outstanding opportunity for cities to benefit from all of Ryan’s experience. With state of the art technological computer training and the best equipment available, Ryan delivers the finest designs and schematic drawings in the industry.
Ryan is also an advocate for skateparks in Oklahoma, and is actively fundraising for a new park in his hometown of Bartlesville, OK. Check out their Facebook Page and fundraising gear to support the cause.

 Simon Smith

Simon, son of Bart and Christy, is the next generation of skatepark builders. He has grown up building skateparks, with his first experience building the Homewoods bowl at age 5. Now at 17 years old, he directly assists his Dad in every aspect of construction. Simon is not only a skater but a snowboarder and competitive mountain biker, and favors building bike trails and jumps. He attends a science and business focused high school in Bloomington, IN and plans to study business and marketing in college.

Sol Briggs

Long time skater, artist, and designer- Sol wears many hats on the Hunger team. Sol uses his background in Computer Sciences to create 3D renderings and animations that bring to life the vision of the design team. He is involved with many projects from the initial stages of conceptual design, to the on-site layout, and finishing touches of the park. For over a decade, Sol and Bart have been collaborating on skate projects. Sol has given countless hours to volunteer based projects over the years, including a project in Managua, Nicaragua not far from his second home in Posoltega.  Sol is an advocate for Narcolepsy with Cataplexy awareness, as he lives with it, and has self published a couple of books that describe his life as a skateboarder with cataplexy. Find more info here.

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith is a leader in Indiana skateboarding, a main figurehead in Bloomington skatepark advocacy, and a craftsman with a design background.  His background as a skate shop owner and skateboarder hub gives us insight  into lasting designs that integrate all styles of skating. Ryan led the design team on the Bloomington Switchyard Skatepark project, a complicated design off the B-line and in a flood plain.

Hadley Gephart


Hadley Gephart is our graphics pro who insures that our work is showcased by visuals that represent our vision and goals. Hadley is an artist WHO specializes in illustration, animations, and graphic art. See more of her work on her website .

Concrete Parksmiths

The above team members highlight the design crew and include only a few of the people that have helped us over the years to build and design parks. Hunger Skateparks owes a huge thanks to the many dedicated and skilled skateboarder park builders and designers on our crew that help make our efforts successful. And because we have participated in many community builds, this should also include community members from all projects who live in the skatepark community and continue to advocate for skateparks and skateboarding.

Looking for Bart & Christy’s Bios? Visit here.

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