Read about the people that make hunger so special:

Bart Smith

The Crew:

Sol Briggs

Design Team & Visual Rendering Expert

Long time skater, artist, and designer- Sol wears many hats on the Hunger team. Sol uses his background in Computer Sciences to create 3D renderings and animations that bring to life the vision of the design team. He is involved with projects from the initial stages of conceptual design, to the on-site layout, and finishing touches of the park. For over a decade, Sol and Bart have been collaborating on projects. Sol has given countless hours to volunteer based projects over the years, including a project in Managua, Nicaragua not far from his second home in Posoltega.  Sol is an advocate for Narcolepsy with Cataplexy awareness, as he lives with it, and has self published a couple of books that describe his life as a skateboarder with cataplexy.

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Tim Devlin

Concrete Parksmith & Design Team

Indianapolis Skatepark Advocate and Ripper Tim Devlin is always amped to help with a DIY project, push the ‘meat’ in the design, and tirelessly campaign for creative and quality parks. Tim brings many skills to the Hunger table including welding and finishing. A natural teacher, he is perfect in organizing labor for volunteer projects and teaching basic skills to keep progress moving. Follow Indy Skatepark Advocates on Facebook or @indyskateparks on Instagram, and support the movement to provide legal DIY spots and neighborhood skateparks throughout the city.

Simon Smith

Concrete Parksmith

Simon, son of Bart and Christy, is the next generation of skatepark builders. He has grown up building skateparks, with his first experience building the Homewoods bowl at age 5. Now at 16 years old, he directly assists his Dad in every aspect of construction.

Simon is not only a skater but a snowboarder and competitive mountain biker, and favors building bike trails and jumps. He attends a science and business focused high school in Bloomington, IN.

Christy Wiesenhahn

Co-Owner & Design Team

Christy (Weezer) oversees all of Hunger’s projects and is responsible for graphics, estimates, contracts, budgets, scheduling, and communications with communities and clients. She has also a part of the design team, designed the Peru Skate Sculpture, and creates tile and glass mosaics for the parks.  Art and skateboarding are key elements of Christy and Bart’s world, and she helps to bring these two together in every project.

Visit her website for more examples of her work