Hunger Skateparks is skateboarder owned and operated, and a full service concrete skatepark design and build company. Our team leaders branched off from the leading skatepark contractors, where they developed industry building standards and high levels of craftsmanship, in order to shape a core company interested in building more creative parks with community minded principles. Our designs are innovative, balanced, and engaging for all styles and levels of skateboarding. We utilize building techniques that ensure long-lasting parks with low long-term maintenance. Our approach to park designing and building involves a high level of collaboration in order to develop projects unique to the community it will serve. Hunger Skateparks highest aim is not to build parks that few have the ability to enjoy, but to create balanced and creative parks that inspire a large audience.  A successful park is a well-used park.


Bart Smith Co-Owner

bart-expI have skateboarded for over 35 years, and was inspired to build my first ramps as a 12 year old biker/skateboarder in Kokomo, Indiana. I studied Art and Parks Administration at Indiana University, and have worked in construction for over 20 years. I have built over 60 skateparks in the United States, 2 parks in Denmark, and many private backyard bowls/projects.   I have worked with the many skatepark contractors inlcuding Native Skateparks, California Skateparks, Wally Holladay, Bluestone, and more.

My Story:

Growing up I built wood ramps and treehouses. In the 90’s I traveled extensively throughout the states and Europe to ride skate spots and parks. Eventually I moved back to Indiana and lived the homesteader’s life on our land we call Homewoods. Compared to the west coast, there was little to skate in the late 90’s in the midwest. I was building cabins in the woods and artist studios for work and traveling to Louisville or Indy to skate. Then when the Bloomington park was built, I helped with labor and that ignited a force in me and I felt the need to build more parks. All my construction experience, background in arts, and my life as a skater came together.  With little concrete experience, but with a large amount of hunger and drive, I decided to build a concrete bowl on my land outside of Bloomington. A small group of skaters and I launched into this large DIY project- at first using bags of concrete, shovels, and chainsaws. This type of situation is what gets me excited, and this is also what makes me willing to work in any setting, with volunteers, with recycled materials, and making a budget stretch without losing the core.

I traveled and worked with a range of contractors all over the country, but what made me want to start Hunger is seeing non-creative and mediocre poorly built parks in my backyard. We deserve better. Small towns with groups of skaters have fundraisers, save for years, and use public money to build a park- and in return they receive cookie cutter designs or pre-fab mediocrity. I find this unacceptable- we have to hunger for more, and not accept these as the outcome.

As an extreme sports enthusiast of several disciplines, I find that inspiration for designs and builds can be found from them all.  Skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain bike trail riding, dirt jumping, and wake skating keep me a happy and engaged person. Everyday there must be time made for a board or wheels under my feet- it has become my medicine.  Whenever I am near the ocean I try to surf and dive, someday I would like to dedicate daily routines to those sports. I find this multi-disciplinary lifestyle brings valuable assets to the table of skatepark design and construction.

2012 Bloom Magazine Article about Bart Smith

A favorite video from Homewoods

Concrete Skatepark Building Experience with other Contractors

Native Skateparks
2016 Bristow, Oklahoma 2015 Muskogee, Oklahoma
2014 Lakeside, California 2013 Leadville, Colorado
2013 Heavener, Oklahoma 2013 Bartlesville, Oklahoma
2012 Owasso, Oklahoma 2011 Phase 2: Pawhuska, Oklahoma
2011 Poteau, Oklahoma 2010 Phase 1: Pawhuska, Oklahoma
Bluestone Skateparks
2007 Private Residence: Gun barrel City, Texas
2007 Cedaredge Skate Park: Cedaredge, Colorado
2003 Upper Cascades Skate Park: Bloomington, Indiana
Wally Holladay
2014 Ann Arbor, Michigan 2009, Oak Creek Skatepark, Centerville, Ohio
2015, Wauwatosa, WI
California Skateparks
2011 Glasgow, Delaware 2011 Rockaway Beach: Queens, New York
2011 12th and A Streetspot: NYC 2011 Thomas Greene Benches: Brooklyn, New York
2011 Snakerun: Woodward East, PA 2010 Mastic Beach: Long Island, New York
2010 House of Vans: Brooklyn, New York 2010 Bukolt Park: Steven’s Point, Wisconsin
2010 N. Moore Pier 25:NYC 2010 Veteran’s Park: NorthPort Long Island, New York
2010 Maloof Park: Queens, New York 2010 Woodward West: Tehachapi, California
2009 Pawhuska Skate Park: Osage Nation Reservation, Oklahoma 2009 Oak Creek Skate Park: Centerville, Ohio
2009 Chelsea Piers Pier 62:           Manhattan, New York 2009 Railroad Street Athletic Complex: Lewisville, Texas
2008 Santa Rita: Tucson, Arizona 2008 Wheeler Field Skate Park: Duluth, Minnesota
2008 Rockwell Skatepark: Bristol, Connecticut 2008 Hilltop Skate Park: Princeton, New Jersey
2008 Vorhees Skatepark: Terre Haute, Indiana 2008 Mt Horeb Skate Park: Mt Horeb, Wisconsin
2008 Reed Menzor Park:                             York, Pennsylvania 2007 Pioneer Skate Park: Commerce City, Colorado
2007 Bear Branch Wheel Friendly Park: Houston, Texas 2007 Lively Point: Irving, Texas
2007 Southwest Quadrant, Street Park: Albuquerque, New Mexico 2007 Westside Skate Park: Albuquerque, New Mexico


Christy Wiesenhahn Co-Owner
i1035 FW0.9I started skateboarding in college in the 90’s, using it as transportation to get to classes and around town in Bloomington, IN. For 6 years I ran a skateboarding club for local youth and worked to encourage girls and women in skateboarding. I love to skate with my family at Homewoods, and carve around and enjoy parks wherever we travel. I am a skateboard and skatepark advocate, and an environmentalist that supports skateboarding as a viable piece of alternative transportation that can help to reduce carbon emissions. I advocate for safe passage for skateboarders that allows for separate paths for bikes and skateboarders throughout cities as well as in rural communities. I was deeply inspired by our trip to Denmark in 2015 where separated bike/skate/walking lane systems thread through the main throughfares in towns, and connect cities throughout the country. I will continue to advocate for a similar system to be developed throughout our region in the near future.

i1035 FW0.9

I oversee all of Hunger’s operations and am responsible for the website, graphics, estimates, contracts, budgets, scheduling, and communications with communities and clients. I am on the design team, designed the Peru Skate Sculpture, and create mosaics for the parks.  Art and skateboarding are key elements of our world, and I try to bring these two together in every project.

Visit my art website for more examples of my work.



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