The community that chooses Hunger Skateparks for Design/Build services can expect  close community collaboration throughout the development of the design, to the finishing stages of the build process. We take into account site conditions, local skaters/bikers input, and ideas from our design think tank of regional seasoned skateboarders to develop projects unique to the area it will serve. Our highest aim is to create balanced and creative parks that inspire a large local audience and attracts visitors from all over the nation. A successful park is a well-used park. We don’t want to just design and build your park, we want to ride it.

Even the best plans often need to be altered with confronted with the reality of construction. With skaters not only designing, but building your park, your project has the advantage of trained, experienced eyes at every stage; builders that can not only gauge the realities of the build against the specifications of plans, but also adapt quickly to facilitate the creation of the best park possible. From concept to completion, an experienced skater-owned skatepark firm like Hunger can offer significant advantages, advantages you can’t get any other way.


Hunger Skateparks uses traditional and sound building methods as the backbone of every skatepark project, in addition to the specialty nuances crucial to building successful park. By utilizing these techniques, we ensure long-lasting parks with low long-term maintenance. We have seen what happens when parks are not built to a standard, and fail to skate well and withstand the test of time. We avoid these problems before they exist in an effort to continually evolve the trade.


Skateboarding is the fastest growing international sport and will be included in the 2020 Olympics. It has developed into an ageless, genderless, and undiscriminating activity that rivals team sports in popularity. The early years of public skateparks phenomenon were characterized by trial and error: builders, municipalities, and even the skaters themselves were so desperate for public parks, that any public parks, even rushed, poorly designed, underfunded, or just plain substandard parks were common. A lot of them are still out there today: frustratingly underused investments of public money and skaters’ hopes. But rehabilitating these parks is often easier than you think. A few rails in the right place, the addition of two or three obstacles, can transform your park into a more user-friendly facility.

If your city has an aging or mundane park that may have been the answer to needs in the past, we can assess what can be added/changed to utilize the site for a new generation of users. Even if your city has a well-used concrete skatepark,  consider expanding and adding features that can make it fresh and exciting to the community.


Co-owners Bart Smith and Christy Wiesenhahn have backgrounds in art and design and consider skateparks to be works of public art. We include artistic elements like skateable mosaics, natural elements like skateable boulders, and utilize local artistic talent in decorative features like metal work.


At Hunger, we are not only versed in the technical aspects of fabricating a park, but deeply invested in connecting with the end users of your facility- the skaters. This connection to building from a community focus, comes from years of personal and on the job experience. We understand skateboarding, and we understand skateboarders and bikers. We understand how to mediate their needs with the realities of budgets, spatial concerns, and diverse demands, and we understand when to listen. We understand because at one time or another we were those kids, daydreaming about the perfect place to skate, and sitting patiently at city council meetings, waiting to have our say. Before a single slab of concrete is poured, it is the connection to the community that can make or break a skatepark project. A skater owned firm like Hunger has all of that connection in place.

Hunger Skateparks understands that each community has unique talents and needs. Many communities want to build a skatepark but find the cost prohibitive, and are willing to find skilled tradesman to help with the build and in-kind donations to reduce costs. We are happy to work with any community that wants a skatepark, and to custom tailor the process for success.


Getting tired of your DIY spots getting destroyed or waiting for your city to build a skatepark? Just think, you could wake up and hit your own spot that was designed especially for your style. Projects will be tailored to your landscape, needs, and you can work along side of us to make on-site adjustments. See the following examples of this growing phenomenon among skateboarding enthusiasts.


Another focus of Hunger is residential concrete around Bloomington, IN. Building skateparks with curved walls, multiple elevations, and in many different climates and conditions has given us a set of skills that translates well to the residential setting. Our services include the following hardscapes; sidewalks, all types of steps, patios, terracing, planters, french drains, and driveways. We will work with the homeowner to create a custom design based on the layout of the home and land.

We also offer concrete staining services for already existing floors, as well as for floors we have poured. Functionally necessary saw cuts can be made to look like tiles or other shapes like diamonds. Staining creates a beautiful and painterly look and is durable with great functionality.