Design 2021/ Build 2022

1901 E Washington Indianapolis, IN 46201

Located in Willard Park, a mile east of downtown Indianapolis, this 13,000 square foot is the first skatepark built in Indy in 20+ years. The majority of the skatepark is located in the southwest corner of the park, so the design includes a flat grounds entrance that starts a long street run. The street run includes a granite pole jam, granite ledges, 2 up 2 down with a granite ledge, flat bar and book banks feature. The southern street run is flanked by a giant hip and a street island with hubbas, euro manual set up, and 2 down rails. A flow bowl is cradled around the street areas, and has a kong wall, throne, camel back humps, extension with pool coping and an over-vert pocket.

When looking for moments of art for the park, we decided to create dedicated memorial moments to honor the city, the history of the park, and a few positive skateboarders who were killed tragically during the process of designing and building the park. All the granite was repurposed from the iconic city government building ledges, and used throughout the park in features and as seating. The 2 up 2 down granite planter is a Pam Am Plaza inspired downtown Indy spot homage. The flat rail says INDIANAPOLIS in ASL, to honor the history of Willard Park as the first school for deaf in Indianapolis. Artist and skater Kyle Stuffy, aka Stuffy Fresh, is memorialized on a quarter pipe with a acid stained little tree freshener pattern. We designed a large skateable book feature to honor the life of skater/scholar Ethan Williams. Ethan’s (Ebob) family were wonderful supporters of the park during the entire process, and have become skatepark advocates dedicated to creating more parks and spots in their region.

Thanks to Indianapolis Parks and Recreation and Tim Devlin with the Indy Skatepark Advocates for their hard work and years of skatepark advocacy. And thank you to the Willard Park Neighborhood who was welcoming and wonderful to us throughout the build, we are happy that the park lives in your backyard.