Design 2021/ Build 2022

The Englewood community and the City of Indianapolis were awarded a grant to build a skatepark in Willard Park, a centrally located park near downtown. At our last public meeting, a concept was shown that showed the park built in 2 phases. Since then, the City of Indianapolis increased the size of the project so that a bigger park could be built as one phase. Taking what we eard from the design meeting and working close with local advocates, we developed a new more balanced design. We were also able to work in a feature for Ethan Williams (EBOB)- the Book Banks. Ethan’s family remembers him with a book in his hands, a scholar, and a critical thinker. We want to thank Ethan’s family and friends for being so supportive of the project and becoming skatepark advocates in the process.

BIG Thanks to Tim Devlin and the Indy Skatepark Advocates. Tim worked for 3 years, volunteer hours, on this project. Hunger was with him the whole way and witnessed how hard he pushed. We hope that this projects opens the door for more new parks in the City of Indianapolis, and future advocates will have an easier time because of the work Tim has done to pave the path.

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