At Hunger, we are not only versed in the technical aspects of fabricating a park, but deeply invested in connecting with the end users of your facility- the skaters. This connection to building from a community focus, comes from years of personal and on the job experience. We understand skateboarding, and we understand skateboarders and bikers. We understand how to mediate their needs with the realities of budgets, spatial concerns, and diverse demands, and we understand when to listen. We understand because at one time or another we were those kids, daydreaming about the perfect place to skate, and sitting patiently at city council meetings, waiting to have our say. Before a single slab of concrete is poured, it is the connection to the community that can make or break a skatepark project. A skater owned firm like Hunger has all of that connection in place.

Hunger Skateparks understands that each community has unique talents and needs. Many communities want to build a skatepark but find the cost prohibitive, and are willing to find skilled tradesman to help with the build and in-kind donations to reduce costs. We are happy to work with any community that wants a skatepark, and to custom tailor the process for success.