The Indy Skatepark Advocates Big Plan

For the last two years, Hunger Skateparks has worked with the Indy Skatepark Advocates to renovate and add features to the Indy Skatepark. But 2017 might be the biggest year yet for the advocates. They are working with Indianapolis Parks to pass an overall vision and design for the Indy Skatepark that will double the skatepark’s current square footage. Because the park is in a flood plain, the plan must be approved by an engineer and include grey water collection areas and landscaping that will also add beauty to the site. The advocates are also actively working with areas within the Indianapolis region to develop neighborhood parks, a much needed step toward their overall plan. To get involved visit the Indy Skatepark Advocates website, and participate in their year long events that care for the Indy Skatepark.  View the preliminary plan below:


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