Indiana Backyards

This building season began with the 13,000 sq. ft. New Castle Skatepark, then we became bridge trolls under the I-471 in Newport, and in a few weeks we will head to Oklahoma to build a skatepark in the Cherokee Nation. For the last 3 weeks we have been staying close to home and building up Indiana’s backyard scene. There were 2 projects this year-one wraps around a garage and the other is a continuation of a large flat slab intended to be a workshop and apartment in the near future. Backyard projects are fun to build because the atmosphere is relaxed, and the owners invite all their friends to help with labor. Neighbors come out, perplexed, but eventually lend a hand and tools. Everyone starts to get the building bug and develops a bit of clue as to the incredible amount of labor that goes into these parks. In no particular order, here is some of my fav pics of building and skating Indiana Backyards.

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