Columbus, Indiana is getting a new skatepark designed by Janne Saario

Hunger Skateparks is working with the City of Columbus, Columbus Skatepark Advocates, and the designer Janne Saario to reimagine the Jolie Crider Memorial Skatepark. We remember when the current wood park was built around 1999, just before the Louisville Skatepark was built. It was the closest skatepark to Bloomington, and we made that trip many times.

As you can imagine, the wood park as it stands now is a maintanence nightmare and the riders and city have all agreed to go concrete. Columbus, IN is known for its modern architecture and public sculpture. One of the first architects to be commissioned in the new Columbus architectural era was from Finland, and in response to that history the city choose the Finnish skatepark designer Janne Saario to design the new park. This will be Janne’s first skatepark design in the U.S. See examples of his work here.

We will keep you updated when the design comes out…

Columbus, IN current park:




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