Story Board Tile Band- Jenks, Oklahoma

If you are familiar with Hunger parks, you know that we frequently add mosaics into each build that either reflect the community, provide commentary on the park design, or to simply add a signature piece for the skatepark.

Examples from past projects:

Last summer when I was designing the Breslin Skate Spot mosaic, I started considering a tile band idea that could tell a small story. I was thinking about how a round wall is skated, and how the quick arching flow over a tile band could be used to show a series of film-like images- or a story board.

The Jenks, Oklahoma skatepark provided the perfect 42′ long roundwall and vert pocket for the idea to come to life. Since the 2014 mosaic tile band in Peru, the ideas of snakes, rats, and owls as symbols for skaters, skateparks, and ambition/flight has continued throughout my glass art, painting, and mosaic work. I decided to utilize those same symbols and allegories for the Jenks mosaic.

Using an old reverse/ paper architectural mosaic technique, I built the mosaic sections in my studio in Bloomington, IN and packed them into a suitcase for a flight to Tulsa for Installation.


The mosaics were separated on the tile band by 6′ of black pool tile to create the story board effect. I popped out random pool tiles, replacing them with bright red tiles to create a unified effect throughout the tile band. When the park opens officially, I am looking forward to seeing the total effect of the tile band as it interacts with the rider’s movements.


Written by Christy Weezer. Co-Owner Hunger Skateparks @christyweezerart

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