Hyrum, Utah Skate Advocates

Meet Zach Shepherd and Dave Smellie, the main skate park advocates for our newest and biggest park yet in Hyrum, Utah. Zach is the owner of Directive Skate Shop (https://www.directiveboardshop.com) and Dave is a design professor at Utah State in Logan, Utah. We first met Zach and Dave when we  were interviewed for the job, and then they became part of our design team as well as trusted advisors to the city of Hyrum throughout the process. During the build, they came with crews to help and often brought food for the grill and made it a session. We had an instant family and friend group, and it was tight. 

People ask us all the time “How do I get a skate park in my town?” The truth is that there isn’t one way to go about it, or one way to achieve success. From our perspective, each town has a different story of success with ups and downs along the way. Now we are lucky enough to have one of our oldest friends Damon Ayers join the Hunger team recently. He was the person who captured the story of the New Castle Skate park back in 2017. He will be capturing each story and sharing them with you at the end of each project. 

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