Design 2021/ Build 2022

The biggest Hunger skatepark to date. Excited to live in Utah for half the year on this build, and we definitely will time that right with the snowboarding forecast. We worked closely with the locals to hone in on this design and we can say that these renderings are pretty close, but with this crew, Im sure the tweaking won’t stop until the concrete truck arrives. The design features a beginner zone flow bowl with a 3.5 ft mini, an amoeba bowl similar to Auburn, IN’s but bigger, 3 main elevation changes in the street/flow zones and a flat lands entrance with a DIY ditch zone.

Build begins March 2022.

1 Comment

  1. Jacob says:

    Can’t wait to see this finished! Looks great! Its nice to know that we will finally get a nice skatepark built for everyone.


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