Design 2022/Build 2022-3

Location: Northside Park

We love Kokomo! This is our second project in Kokomo- hometown of Hunger crew Asher Bennington, Taylor Shriek and Bart Smith.

The site is on an unused baseball field in Northside Park. We were inspired to keep some of those little league vibes in the design with a rounding the bases line to a big, tall, on the press box ride to Home. The park is surrounded by neighborhoods filled with families and kids, so the design considers the kiddos as well as the hungry advanced riders.

We listened to the complaints and complaints about pump tracks from bikers and skaters. Some takeaways you’ll see in the design: widened paths, steel on some berms, bigger jumps, progressive sections and chill pump zones with creative options that elevate the experience.

Flyover by Paul Lancaster

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