Design/Build 2019

Location: Foster Park. 721 W. Superior Street. Kokomo, Indiana

12,000 sq. ft.

Kokomo has a largely unused transition/vert skatepark with a full pipe and bowl runs but no area for street skaters. We worked with Main Street Skatepark and local skaters to design a park for Kokomo that reaches a new audience and generation of riders, and balances the overall skate scene.

The site location is downtown, next to the Wild Cat Creek, on a large pedestrian trail system that links cities in the region, and is part of an overall river restoration project. The layout leaned to a circular design, which became our decorative theme.  This allowed for multiple welcoming entrances and social areas for bystanders, users of the trail system, and park riders. Features include a radial jersey barrier, pump bump, double elevation bowl pocket with pool coping and a custom tile band, boxes, ledges, out ledges, hubbas, down rails, flat rails, pole jam, bump to ledge, bank to curb, hips, and corner features like a radial mini ramp and small escalator throne that flows you around the park. The center of the park has a unique combination of features that ties the design together. It includes a bump to rail gap that can be hit from multiple sides, an out rail, and a snow plow hip. Unique artistic elements include a 7’ swimming catfish near the creek entrance, tile band with mosaics in the pool pocket, circle seats by modern furniture designer Jonathan Nesci, concrete benches with an arch/circle aesthetic, integrated color circles that highlight the decorative theme, and custom stamping.

The build was complete in 80 days. This was the fastest design/build in Hunger history, and the City of Kokomo was the best possible partner. Thanks to Mayor Goodnight for choosing this to be his final legacy project, and Torrey Roe Superintendent of Parks for the trust and support.

Design Renderings

Kokomo Street Park View 9