Hunger Skateparks and the New Albany Carnegie Center for Art and History are working together to beautify and renovate the New Albany Skatepark. The old skatepark is in deep disrepair, making it a perfect opportunity for creative ideas and solutions. The site is located on the Ohio River walk and near the large pavilion.

Inspiration for the park theme and design came from an all call for sculpture submissions from skateboarders, artists, and community members gathered over a period of 2 months. A theme was never intended or proposed, but the majority of the submissions contained ideas related to the Ohio River as a powerful entity that has supported many cultures, and the history of New Albany as a city. After considering community ideas, our design team developed the 15,000 sq. ft. Flow Park featuring elements that give respect to native peoples, river culture and the birth of the city,  bridge architecture, and a rainbow arch that references the underground railroad and hope for the future. The park design includes integrated color, staining, stamping, mosaics, and steel fabrication from local craftsman.

The old park:

Concepts for the renovation and beautification of the skatepark site:


The build began late August. Build pics to date: