Design: 2019 Build: 2020

13,500 s.f.

Mayor Norm Yoder made his last act in office, before retiring in December 2019, to make sure a skatepark would be built for Auburn. The new administration has been 100% supportive and great collaborators in seeing the project realized. The park is built on the site of the old public pool, and includes a flat ground street zone, Indiana’s only 3 pocket pool with tile, alien bowl,  and a long street area with multiple elevations. The site history inspired the decorative theme, informing the ‘Ode to Transition Skateboarding’ inlaid mosaic by Christy Weezer, pool tile and depth markers, and acid stained kidney bowl benches.

An advocate for the skatepark, Mitch Stockwell, died in a car accident before the skatepark was built. We designed a seating area using his BMX bike as our inspiration. Using concrete scoring and acid staining, the bike sculpture is partially 3D and 2D coming together as a complete bike when viewed from above.

Build Pics

Alien Bowl Build Sequence

Main Advocate- Timmy’s First Skate

Pool and Street Build Pictures


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    This park looks so promising!!! I can’t wait to skate this beauty

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