Location: Shields Park, Seymour, Indiana 

Design: Hardcore Shotcrete, a division of American Ramp Company  2012

Build: 2nd Phase Fall 2015, Final Phase with Hunger Design Adjustments 2020

Zach Grubb and Todd Schurman were avid skateboarders. They were tragically killed while biking on a county road south of Seymour when their bike was hit by a car.  Because of budget restrictions, the long awaited park is being built in a series of phases until completion.

For the 2nd phase, we were subcontracted to build the 70’ long transitions. Five years later, we built the 3rd and final phase of the original design. #finishedthepark

Final Phase

20200818_Sheild's Park Addition proposal_LSK 001

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  1. Chris Owen says:

    What a terrific skate park!

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