Skateboarding is the fastest growing international sport and will be included in the 2020 Olympics. It has developed into an ageless, genderless, and undiscriminating activity that rivals team sports in popularity. The early years of public skateparks phenomenon were characterized by trial and error: builders, municipalities, and even the skaters themselves were so desperate for public parks, that any public parks, even rushed, poorly designed, underfunded, or just plain substandard parks were common. A lot of them are still out there today: frustratingly underused investments of public money and skaters’ hopes. But rehabilitating these parks is often easier than you think. A few rails in the right place, the addition of two or three obstacles, can transform your park into a more user-friendly facility.

If your city has an aging or mundane park that may have been the answer to needs in the past, we can assess what can be added/changed to utilize the site for a new generation of users. Even if your city has a well-used concrete skatepark,  consider expanding and adding features that can make it fresh and exciting to the community.

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