Design 2017- Build Fall/Spring 2019

The Switchyard Park will be the new Central Park for Bloomington, Indiana. It is located in the old rail switchyard and the  B-line, a Rails to Trails perdestrian thoroughfare, runs through the center of the massive park. The city saw the switchyard as a great opportunity to turn a large piece of polluted post-industrial swath of land into a site of restoration, beauty, and recreation. Streams that were previously buried under the switchyard are being restored to their original meandering paths, and soil remediation has already being implemented with a variety of methods including using plants that are known to cleanse pollutants from the soil. The skatepark is just one element in the vast park, and we were very happy to collaborate with the park architects at REA in Indianapolis to design the skatepark. The Switchyard Park is currently in the design phase, and is slated to be built between the Spring of 2018 and the Summer of 2020.

Bloomington will be the first Indiana city to have two concrete skateparks. When we began this design, we starting by asking locals what they wanted to see in a new Bloomington Skatepark and the answers were 2 major elements- a large street park and an open bowl/snakerun area.

The entirety of the Switchyard Park will be complete by November 2019.



Skatepark Build Pics!


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