Build 2019

Juxtaposition Skateable Art Plaza is a multi-use public space integrating arts and skateboarding.  A focal point of the North Minneapolis community located at the corner of Emerson and West Broadway Avenue, the plaza was a student lead design with murals, moveable furniture for multi-use functions, water management gardens, and surrounded with skateable elements. Skate features include a bank to wall ride with cantilevered manual pad, bank to curb, and 2 round quarter pockets.

Juxtaposition Arts and City of Skate deserve a whole lot of cheers for this project. Believe it or not, this corner lot owned by an arts organization doing great things in this world, is the first public skatepark in Minneapolis.

Tats Cru came from the Bronx to paint the North Minneapolis inspired mural. Thanks to the the Minneapolis skate community for the welcome, and taking us to all the great spots.

Build Time-lapse


IMG_1175IMG_1174Minneapolis Juxta Arts Skate Plaza






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