Design: Janne Saario

Build: 2019

The park is designed into 3 sections that flow together seamlessly. The entrance section utilizes 2,500 sq ft. of the first wood skatepark slab but with all new flat ground features flanked with a new bank to cub and quarter pipe. The middle section is mixed transition and street with features that include a rainbow rail/quarter, kong wall, jumps, bank to rails, hubbas and ledges with 3 elevation changes.  The third section is a long ditch-like bowl with 2 mini’s of different heights, extension, and a large transfer into a transition hip area that flows riders back into the other 2 sections of the park.


Build Pics!


  1. janie valek says:

    so glad you’re building a (much needed) new skatepark in columbus! what is the expected finished date? thank you!


  2. Keri says:

    I first heard of this skatepark on 99% as well!


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