Summer 2016

9,000 s.f.

Kanis has its own dynamic skate history reaching back to the late 80’s when the deep peanut bowl was built, and throughout the past 10 years with the building of the admired and always evolving DIY park. Designed by Georgie Launet and the Kanis Crew, Ryan Crane, and Hunger Skateparks, the Phase 3 addition is around 9,000 square feet and connects harmoniously with the existing DIY zone and historic bowl. Our crew included the same Kanis Crew that have built and maintained the park for over a decade. We followed the locals cue, and worked with the city to create new and welcoming terrain for all.

Phase 3 compliments the DIY Zone well, offering longer and more open walls and blending gracefully to the old bowl and existing DIY zone. The design features a never ending line of corner pockets and hips of all shapes and sizes. Long straight walls, with a love seat morphing into a spine, which turns into a volcano. The tractor seat has two levels and returns you back into the other features. A steep, curved bank wall- dubbed ‘The Throne’- catches any air off the hips. The island in the center is conducive for learning lip tricks or transfer airs, but also generates speed for good flow. Organic shapes, herringbone stamped quarter pipes, and roll-ins tie it all together. Diamond Grind steel coping in installed on most of the park and adds an extra punch.

Every year around Halloween, the Kanis Bash brings hundreds of skaters from all over the country to skate, camp, and rage all weekend to raise support and money for future developments. Kanis is an ever evolving park and we were honored to be a part of it.

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