Design 2016/ Build 2017

Coming in at around 13,000 square feet, this versatile design is unlike anything in Indiana. The design includes an flow bowl with multiple elevations, wedding cake steps, pool coping, and a doorway.  The doorway leads to a pump bump and an offset tranny and bank zone of multiple heights, transitions, and widths to accommodate bikes and skateboards. The street zone includes steep banks, ledges, pads, pole jam, flat rail, down rail, bump to fire hydrant, steps, hubba, and quarter returns. Two signature decorative features give homage to pop art sculptor Robert Indiana, a New Castle Native. They include 2 skateable mosaics that inspired by street skating and a decorative steel railing.

The New Castle Skatepark is another great example of a build using community and city partnerships. The amount of local businesses that donated in-kind to the park was extraordinary, and the talented city workers (that at times included the Mayor tying re-bar) helped to create a momentum and excitement that spread throughout the city. We want to thank all involved throughout the process from the grant writing to the final landscaping- it was an honor to collaborate with you.


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  1. Diane Dunaway says:

    Hello I’m a skater who just got back into the board after about five years I love close to Newcastle and plan on sheddin the park as soon as it open but will there be stuff for people learning and relearning the art to practice and get better or will it just be super gnarly right out the gate.

  2. Harley Harless says:

    wish that anderson indiana would fund to build a better skate park here. I think that things like this would help keep our youth out of trouble and maube off of drugs. I did it as a young kid and it helped me alot.

  3. Sir cat says:

    I love what you guys did for our city. We have people from out-of-state and all over Indiana coming to visit our small little town. It is really brought quite a bit of life back into this place. Thanks for what you do.

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