Tahlequah is the capital of the Cherokee nation and is located in the foothills of the the Ozark Mountains. The design to rehab the existing skatepark was created by Intertribal Development, formerly known as Native Skateparks, and utilizes most of the existing flat. There is always a risk when you use existing flat that wasn’t built to drain properly and is rough and aging, but the decision to live with the puddles was made prior to our arrival on-site as the build team.  Communities and designers sometimes choose to use existing flat when the the design is mostly street features, and to get a bigger park for less money. In this case, the community will have a 17,000 square foot park for a fraction of the price.

The design is street heavy and includes features like an a-frame, pyramid to rainbow ledge, multiple stages and elevations changes, 2 stair sets, ledges, extensions, 70′ long quarter with an extension, and rails, rails, rails. The extensive existing flats allows for locals to add moveable pieces to change up and add to the park for contests.  On the east end of the park is an all new transition area with a pool coping extension.

Skatepark prior to rehab.



Rendering Board


Build Photos!

Finished park!

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