Oak Creek Skatepark, Abendschein Community Park, 1311 E. Drexel Ave. Oak Creek, WI 53154

Build: June 2021

The skatepark is at the site of the old pre-fab skatepark, and utilizes the huge existing slab that was in good condition. The new park has a large central island with a mini ramp and edged with ledges and banks, return quarters, corner taco, and a few nicely placed flat land features including a ledge and flat bar. There is a ton of space untouched on the slab, making it feel open and nice. We left a nice signature Hunger curb to enjoy. Nice functional and fun design by Newline Skateparks. We could spend every summer happily building in Wisconsin, enjoying Lake Michigan, random pop up beer halls everywhere, and the skate spots all over the Milwaukee area. Great build, thanks Oak Creek!

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