Design: 2020

Build to Begin: April 2021

Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussions!

After the first public meeting, we gathered the feedback and assessed that the layout should be proportioned roughly 2/3 street and 1/3 transition. The wish list was hefty, so we weighted each feature with the amount of people who asked- and came up with around 10 must have features/feature combinations and 5 site specific spacing and flow ideas to fit into a 8,500 sf park.    

Responding to feedback from the second meeting, we made some changes to widen the flow/snake area and define the flat ground area. It seems there are always more wanted features than there is space, but we believe the design takes into account the diversity of users and also allows for flow and creative interpretation. 

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  1. Bruce says:

    There are plenty of street features to be found anywhere, but this part of Indiana needs some flow. Just one or 2 more walls with good hips to pump through near that half bowl…. probably asking too much, but a good pump and flow section would be unlike anything in the area and could introduce a whole other side of skateboarding that many around here have never felt.


  2. Shane minor says:

    So stoked love what u guys are doing !!! Would love to help as much as I can !!!! Email me if there is anything I can do !!!!! Thanks for making rad skateparks in Indiana !!!!!’


  3. Tyler Troutman says:

    Some nice changes from the preliminary design. Cant wait, park is gonna be so sick!!


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