Northeast Skatepark, 100 Crestview Drive, Greenwood, Indiana 46143

Design: 2020 /  Build: 2021

The new skatepark replaces the old prefab park at Northeast Park, near 1-65 and the Greenwood Airport. From start to finish, the project was a collaborative effort between the Greenwood Parks Department and the community. Local riders stepped in before the park was replaced with another pre-fab, and advocated for a custom concrete creation.  Thanks to everyone that advocated for the park and participated in the design process.

It was important to us to represent as many possible feature/feature combinations and flow ideas possible in the 8,500 sf park without feeling too crowded. It seems there are always more wanted features than there is space, but we believe the design takes into account the diversity of users and also allows for flow and creative interpretation. The design features a flat lands entrance with a range of boxes, a flat bar, rainbow rail, curbs, pole jam and flanked with a china bank/ledge combo, jersey barriers, and quarters. The middle area of the park in a multi-leveled street scape dominated by the classic hubbas/down rail combo, steps, down rail, and two level out rail. The transition area has a 4′ mini with round pocket escalating to 7′, multiple hips, 2 level whale tail spine, and pump bumps that act as fly boxes for the bikes. Click this link to see a drone fly over by Greenwood Parks. 

Decorative work was inspired by the generations of skateboarders and shops from the area. We combined the generational imagery from the N-Orbit and Greenwood Skatepark Posse crews to create the ‘Greenwood Flag’ image in the flat rail, X’s in the steel work to create texture, and the small jersey is a replica of the 1980’s N-Orbit skatepark that was engraved into that generation’s skateboard muscle memories. Also, the name Greenwood represents two things that we happen to love- the color green and the woods of Indiana. So we added color pops of green and a snake skin tile band stained green. 


  1. Bruce says:

    There are plenty of street features to be found anywhere, but this part of Indiana needs some flow. Just one or 2 more walls with good hips to pump through near that half bowl…. probably asking too much, but a good pump and flow section would be unlike anything in the area and could introduce a whole other side of skateboarding that many around here have never felt.

  2. Shane minor says:

    So stoked love what u guys are doing !!! Would love to help as much as I can !!!! Email me if there is anything I can do !!!!! Thanks for making rad skateparks in Indiana !!!!!’

  3. Tyler Troutman says:

    Some nice changes from the preliminary design. Cant wait, park is gonna be so sick!!