Thanks for participating in the survey and public meeting. We were really impressed by the amount of riders represented in the meetings, and the amount of ideas gathered. After the meeting we created a concept based on all the information we gathered from the community and the city. Our initial concept included a small pump track, clover bowl, flow bowl, mini, a large street area with plenty of room for different types of street skaters represented in the area, and a roller derby rink with some flat lands features like ledges and boxes. Before we could present the concept to the community, a large range of previously unknown site restrictions were made known to the us and the project advocates. We are getting close to unlocking the last of the restrictions, and then we can redesign the park and move forward with the project.

This was our preliminary design. We plan to take what we can from this design and adapt to the new site information. Hopeful timeline for design completion is February/March 2022.

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  1. Chris Hadley says:

    This will be a great thing for Evansville We have driven my grandson miles and miles to go to skate parks for his bike these kids around here have needed it’s someplace for them to go I hope you listen to everyone that comes down Saturday to talk to you these kids are so excited! Some of these kids are very talented!!!!

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